Components, Materials and Systems
for Industry and Research.

We specialize in technical engineered components, materials and systems for Industry and Research. Our website displays the products and their applications : sensors, instruments, heaters, flex-circuits, special high temperature heaters, refractory metals, high temp. ceramics, high temp. adhesives, ceramic coatings and machine for PVD hard coating. Many of our products and systems are targetting OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) customers in variuos fields such as Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Energy, Oil& Gas and many others, included Institutional R&D. The manufacturers we represent are all high quality, high end, ISO qualified Companies referred to as our "Principals" and we have an exclusive relationship with them. We are their sales channel partner and we provide a consistent local presence for them with our customers.  ...more >>


• Sensors

Giroscopi MEMS MEMS Gyros
sens posizione

Level Sensors Capacitive,Magnetic,
Radar, Magnetostrictive


• Heaters

Riscaldatori ad Aria Air heaters
Riscaldatori MoSi2 MoSi2 Molybdenum Disilicide heaters

• Ceramics

Adesivi Ceramici Adhesives & Coatings
Giroscopi MEMS Machineable Ceramics
Pannelli di allumina

Alumina Fiberboards



• Metals

Metalli Refrattari Refractories Metals
Fili metallici Fine metal wires

• Plants

Impianti Coating PVD PVD-PACVD Coating Plants

• Testing

sens fibra ottica Fiber Optics testing
Measuring systems
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