High Temperature Ceramic Adhesives

Aremco's high temperature ceramic adhesives are unique inorganic formulations for bonding and sealing ceramics, metals, quartz, graphites, textiles and composite materials used in design, process and maintenance applications to 3200 °F. These advanced materials, which exhibit high thermal and electrical resistance, enable engineers to solve problems that were impossible previously using conventional epoxies and other organic-based products.


Electrical Mechanical Sensors & Instruments
•Ballast Resistors •Catalytic Converters •Gas Chromatographs
•Fiberoptics •Ceramic-to-Ceramic •High Vacuum Components
•Gas Ignitors •Gasketing/Textiles •Liquid Metal Inclusion Counters
•Halogen Lamps •Radiant Heaters •Mass Spectrometers
•Resistance Heaters •Refractory Insulation •Oxygen Analyzers
•Rheostats •Sagger Plates •Strain Gauges
•Threadlocking •Temperature Probes


P/N Filler General Features Bonding* Principal Use
503 Alumina High Fired Strength C-C Dense Ceramics
552 Alumina Good Adhesion to Metals CC, C-M Low CTE Metals, SOFC's
569 Alumina Sets @ RT, Good Filler CC, CM Probes, Sensors
600 Alumina Ceramic Fiber-Reinforced CC Refractory Repair
671 Alumina High Adhesive Strength CC, CM, M-M Textiles, Threadlocking
Alumina High Strength, Good Filler CC, CM Halogen Lamps
813A Alumina Fiber-Reinforced Sealer CC, CM Tundish Nozzles
865 Aluminum Nitride High Conducibilità Termica CC, CM Probes, Sensors
668 Alumina-Silica Sets @ RT, Good Filler CC, CM Oxygen Sensors
677 Alumina-Silica Sets @ RT, Good Filler CC, CM Induction Coils
690 Boron Nitride Good Fired Strength CC Boron Nitride
551RN Graphite High Adhesive Strength Graphite, Carbon Structures, Molds
669 Graphite Ceramic Fiber-Reinforced Graphite, Carbon Structures, Molds
571 Magnesium Oxide Dielectric, High Strength CM, MM Heaters, Sensors
618N Silica Low CTE, Good Strength CC, Quartz Tubes, Vessels, Sensors
516 Zirconia Dielectric, Moisture Resistant CC, CM, MM Thermocouples
835 Zirconia Fiber-Reinforced, Sets @ RT CC, CM Halogen Lamps
685N Zirconia Bonds Plated Metals to Ceramic CM Heaters, Ignitors, Gasketing
885 Zirconia Bonds and Coats Zirconia,
High Strength
CC Zirconia, SOFC's
* CC = Ceramic-to-Ceramic CM = Ceramic-to-Metal MM = Metal-to-Metal

High Temperature Ceramic-Metallic Pastes

Pyro-Putty® High Temperature Ceramic-Metallic Putties are used to seal joints and repair defects in cast aluminum, cast iron, steel and stainless steel. Formulated using the most advanced organic and inorganic-ceramic resin technologies, these advanced materials resist temperatures to 2000 °F. Applications for Pyro-Putty® are widespread and found typically in the aerospace, automotive, foundry, heat treating, incineration and power generation industries.

•Exhaust Stacks
•Molds and Dies
•Heat Exchangers
•Resists Temperatures to 2000 °F
•Resurfaces and Repairs Defects
•Reduces Scrap
•Gets Stronger with Heat
•Readily Painted or Powder Coated
•Easy and Safe to Use



Aremco offers the most expansive range of ceramic-based materials used for the assembly of high temperature, high power electrical devices as well as high temperature fixtures, molds and tooling. These materials, based on aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride, magnesium oxide, silicon dioxide, silicon carbide, zirconium oxide, and zirconium silicate, offer unique properties with respect to operating temperature, thermal conductivity, dielectric and mechanical strength.
Ceramacast™ products are supplied in either one- or two-part systems. One-part systems are typically mixed with water or a specialty binder system that is used to improve moisture resistance. Materials set at room temperature in several hours, then cure at ~250 °F in 2-4 hours to provide optimal electrial and mechanical properties. Twopart systems have varying set times and are similiarly cured at 250 °F in 1-2 hours.


•Ballast Resistors
•Cartridge Heaters
•Case Resistors
•Ceramic Fiber Heaters
•Electrical Feed-Thrus
•Gas Ignitors
•Halogen Lamps
•High Temp Air Filters
•Infrared Heaters
•PTC Devices
•Temperature Sensors

•Brazing Fixtures
•Encapsulating RF Coils
•Furnace Carriers
•Heating Element Holders
•Induction Heating Tools
•Molds for Powder Metallurgy
•Rapid Prototype Molds
•Sintering Boats
•Welding Jigs

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High temperature Coatings

Features Applications
Ultra Hi-Temp Resistance
Non-Wetted by Molten Metals, Salts,
Glass & Plastics
High Lubricity for Easy Part Release
Minimizes Cast Surface Defects
Increases Mold & Die Life
For Use in Oxidizing, Reducing &
Vacuum Atmospheres
Composite Forming
Glass Forming
Metal Casting
Injection Molding
Ceramic Hot-Pressing
Metal Powder Sintering

Graphi-Coat™ 623
This coating system, originally patented by Aremco, is a two-part, silica-bonded, titanium diboride filled, oxidation resistant coating for protecting graphite from oxidation to 2000 °F (1093 °C). Used on graphite crucibles, heat-treating fixtures, and electrodes in the metallurgical industry.

Pyro-Paint™ 634-AS and 634-AS1
These alumina-silica based advanced coatings are rated for continuous service temperatures up to 2300 °F. Provides excellent adhesion to ceramic fiber blankets, modules and boards and resists wetting by nonferrous molten metals, increasing the durability and erosion resistance of the underlying material. High dry film thicknesses from 10-50 mils can be achieved with this coating. Select 634-AS for thin coating applications and 634-AS1 for high build applications.

Pyro-Paint™ 634-AL
This pure, alumina based compound creates a hard, high temperature resistant coating for refractory fiber boards and shapes, providing exceptional resistance to molten metals and open flames to 3200 °F (1760 °C). Increases heat reflectivity in furnaces to improve
efficiency and ramp up temperatures more rapidly.

Pyro-Paint™ 634-ALP
This phosphate-bonded, alumina coating system bonds exceptionally well to dense refractory ceramics, providing high abrasion and corrosion resistance for operating temperatures to 3200 °F (1760 °C).

Pyro-Paint™ 634-BN and 634-BN(SC)
These highly-filled boron nitride solutions are extremely lubricious and inert.They are nonwetted by molten salts, glasses, plastics, and most metals including aluminum and magnesium. Select 634-BN for hard coat; 634-BN(SC) for softer, lubricious coat.

Pyro-Paint™ 634-CA and 634-GR These carbon and graphite based coatings are formulated for parting of aluminum permanent molds, non-sticking in glass forming applications, and lubrication and stopoff in metalworking and wire drawing. Provides superior release, surface finish and mold protection.

Pyro-Paint™ 634-SIC
This advanced silicon carbide, water-based coating reduces significantly the oxidation of graphite and carbon components and structures at temperatures to 2550 °F (1400 °C). Provides a hard surface and withstands thermal cycling.

Pyro-Paint™ 634-YO
This ultra high temperature yttrium oxide coating provides exceptional protection of graphite, ceramic and metal components exposed to reactive molten metals such as titanium, uranium and their alloys. Usable in vacuum and inert atmospheres to 2732 °F (1500 °C).

Pyro-Paint™ 634-ZO
This highly-filled zirconium oxide-based coating produces a hard, chemically-resistant protective layer which is stable with aluminum, molybdenum, platinum, rhodium, and titanium. It is ideal for sealing porous ceramics and protecting other ceramic, graphite and metal structures up to 3270 °F. Exceptional for coating resistance wire heating elements in furnaces, protecting them from residue buildup which causes arcing and reduced element life.


Aremco's Corr-Paint™ protective coatings include the most expansive line of high temperature organic- and ceramic-based products available on the market today for applications to 1300°F ´╗┐Product Highlights Corr-Paint™ CP20XX Series . These epoxy and urethane based coatings are used for producing corrosion and wear resistant barriers to 500 °F. Typical applications include tanks, pipelines, boilers, precipitators, scrubbers, bag houses, cyclones, hoppers and other process equipment used in the power, pulp and paper, and chemical processing industries.

One-part, oxidation and wear-resistant coatings for applications to 400 °F.
CP2000 Jet Black CP2010 Aluminum CP2020 Gray

Two-part, high-build coatings for highly corrosive applications as high as 500 °F.
CP2050-LF Epoxy-phenolic with long glass fibers for strength and reinforcement.
CP2050-FF Epoxy-phenolic with fine glass fibers for smooth, uniform appearance.
CP2050-NF Epoxy-phenolic, un-filled system for aggressive acidic conditions.
CP2060 Novolac-epoxy system with silicon carbide filler.
CP2070 Novolac-epoxy, low viscosity, gray pigmented system.

Corr-Paint™ CP30XX Series
These inorganic-ceramic, aqueous-based coatings provide outstanding resistance to
thermal shock, oxidation and chemical corrosion to 1500 °F. Five basic formulations
are available:

CP3000 Ceramic filled coating to 1300 °F.
CP3015-AL Aluminum-ceramic filled coating to 1400 °F.
CP3015-BL High emissivity, inorganic black pigmented coating to 1500 °F.
CP3015-IO Micaceous iron oxide filled, inorganic coating to 1400 °F.
CP3015-SS Stainless steel filled, inorganic coating to 1500 °F.

These advanced materials are specially formulated to adhere to steel and refractory products used in boilers, furnaces, rotary calciners, kilns, stacks, and other high temperature structures. Benefits include extended equipment life, lower energy costs, and increased throughput.

Corr-Paint™ CP40XX Series
These silicone-based, heat-resistant coatings are formulated using a state-of-the-art, VOC-compliant, water-dispersible silicone resin. CP40XX Series products adhere to metals, ceramics, refractories, and quartz, and offer outstanding resistance to outdoor weathering, UV light, salt spray, chemical corrosion, thermal cycling, and temperatures to 1100 °F. Standard pigments include:

CP4000 Black* CP4030 Off-White CP4060 Red CP4090 Brown
CP4010 Aluminum* CP4040 White CP4070 Blue CP4095 Orange
CP4020 Gray CP4050 Green CP4080 Yellow

Additional colors are available upon request. *Formulations based on solvent-borne high gloss systems are available. Add -S to part number to order solvent-borne coating.
Note: Original formulation for Aremco-Coat™ 567 has been replaced by CP4040-S.

Corr-Paint™ CP5000
CP5000 is a two-part, water-based, inorganic zinc-rich primer which provides superior resistance to salt-fog, immersion, impact and abrasion. This primer system is compatible with all CP-Series products and other organic topcoats. It is used for priming structural steel, marine structures, storage tanks, utility systems, and chemical process equipment and piping.


Aremco offers an impressive selection of high performance epoxies for specialty bonding and potting applications to 600 °F. These products can be applied to a myriad of substrates, offering exceptional chemical, electrical and mechanical properties

Ultra High Temperature
526N Clear-Amber, 1:1 System for Tough Bonding Applications.

570 Single-Part Contact Adhesive, Excellent Flexibility.

805 Aluminum-Filled, Low Shrinkage, High Thermal Conductivity, For Bonding
and Molding Applications.
High Temperature, Special Purpose

568 Aluminum-Filled, 1:1, Good Bond Strength and High Thermal Conductivity.

631 Clear-Amber, 1:1, Good Bond Strength and Corrosion Resistance.

657 Stainless Steel-Filled, High Corrosion Resistance.

807 10 Minute Set, Non-Sagging, 1:1, Excellent Electrical &
Mechanical Properties.

820 Clear, 1:1, 45-Minute Cure System with Good Flexibility.

2150 Ceramic-Filled, Fast-Setting, High Vibration Resistance and Bond Strength. Ideal for bonding ceramic wear tiles.

2315 High Temperature, Thermally Conductive, Low Viscosity, Potting Compound for Electrical Applications.

2318 High Temperature, Low Viscosity, Room Temp Curing Potting Compound.

2320 Light Weight, Low Expansion, High Strength, 1:1 System.
High Temperature, Maintenance and Repair

2200 Glass Fiber- and Kevlar-Reinforced, Epoxy-Novolac,
High Strength, Excellent Abrasion and Corrosion Resistance.

2210 Aluminum and Ceramic-Filled, Vibration and Impact Resistant,
For Repairing Aluminum Mold and Wear Surfaces.

2220 Ceramic-Filled, High Chemical Resistance, Machinable,
For Repairing Deeply-Corroded Parts.
Ultra High Bond Strength

2300 Milky Clear, 10:1, Low Viscosity, Exceptional Bond Strength.

2310 Ceramic-Filled, 1:1, High Lap Shear and Peel Strength, Autoclavable.


Aremco offers a broad line of electrically and thermally conductive materials which provide solutions to a variety of electrical, electronic and thermal design problems throughout industry
Aremco-Bond™ 525
Silver-Filled, Electrically Conductive, Heat Cured, One-Part Epoxy Paste to 340 °F
Aremco-Bond™ 556
Silver-Filled, Electrically Conductive, Two-Part Epoxy Paste to 340 °F
Aremco-Bond™ 556-LV
Silver-Filled, Electrically Conductive, Low Viscosity Two-Part Epoxy Paste to 340 °F
Aremco-Bond™ 556-HT-SP
Silver-Filled, Electrically Conductive, Screen Printable, Two-Part Epoxy Paste to 570 °F
Aremco-Bond™ 556-HT-HC
Silver-Filled, Highly Conductive, Two-Part Epoxy Paste to 480 °F
Aremco-Bond™ 614
Nickel-Filled, Electrically Conductive, Economical, Two-Part Epoxy to 360 °F
Aremco-Bond™ 616
Silver-Filled, Electrically Conductive, Economical, Two-Part Epoxy to 360 °F
Pyro-Duct™ 597-A (Adhesive) & 597-C (Coating)
Silver-Filled, Electrically & Thermally Conductive, One-Part, Adhesive & Coating
Systems to 1700 °F
Pyro-Duct™ 598-A (Adhesive) & 598-C (Coating)
Nickel-Filled, Electrically & Thermally Conductive, One-Part, Adhesive & Coating
Systems to 1000 °F


Aremco's Crystalbond™ and Wafer-Mount™ washaway adhesives are ideal materials for temporarily mounting products that require dicing, polishing, and other machining processes. These adhesives exhibit high bond strength and adhere readily to metals, glass and ceramics by simply melting with heat. When processing is complete, these adhesives are removed by reheating and cleaning with one of Aremco's environmentally-
friendly cleaning agents.
• Machining advanced ceramics.
• Lapping and polishing optical components.
• Dicing ceramic substrates and semiconductor wafers.
• Dicing ferrites, glasses and piezoelectrics.
• Dicing metal and optical single crystals.
• Mounting cross-sections for electron microscopy.
• Backfilling components for temporary mechanical support.
• Dry plasma etching.